Periods, Profanity and Procrastination

Periods. The word in general makes me hate anything and everything. Not only because when I’m having my period is my vagina basically killing me, but also just because it’s telling me I’m not pregnant. I mean HURRAH! Isn’t it great to know, but even then the day I stop having periods completely (and not even out of choice) I’m either going to be baring a child (oh joy.. another thing that’s going to ruin my body) or I’m half way through my life and don’t even have a choice in the matter.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not being ungrateful about the fact I could potentially bare a child one day (maybe, I’m actually still undecided on that), but I don’t see the need in me having to take ibuprofen what seems like every hour because my body is slowly crippling with the pain. I mean, I’ve worn shoes that hurt less.

Either way, I deal with this by doing two small things. Using all kinds of profanity and being the queen of procrastination. Oh and naps.

Which brings me to my second point. Profanity. I swear by it (pun not intended). I mean, what’s better than using disgusting language to get over pain, anger, being annoyed, etc etc. Literally nothing, obviously, other than chocolate and sex (sorry mum!). Also, who said saying the ‘F word’ was unladylike? Huh? Even my gran uses the occasional bad word and she’s one of the best women I know. So stick it!

Being the queen of procrastination isn’t easy either. I mean you have to look like you really are doing what you should be,Β even if you aren’t. So I’ve decided I’m not going to share the in’s and out’s with you. Just incase I have to use it in your presence (not that I would.. obvs).

As of today, I’m going to carry on with my day as much as I can until I have decided to give up on being a girl and want to become a boy. (I feel a sex change would hurt less). Bye for now. If I don’t post tomorrow, I’m most likely hibernating for 3-7 days.


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