Self Portraits, Sequins, Caring less.

So today I’ve shot a little for my uni portfolio; because at the minute there’s not much chance I’ll get in. I’ve been working on ideas for low cost shoots and decided I wanted to do a series of self portraits. It’s not really ideal as I don’t think I photograph that well but being me I’m doing it anyway and I’m enjoying it.

The shoot today consisted of me on my bed wearing almost all of my favourite things, from sequined vintage tops to a magazine (yeah I know it sounds a little insane because you can’t wear i-D). Either way I had a smile on my face when I uploaded everything onto my laptop. I’m actually doing what I enjoy doing.

The aim of this first shoot is more for myself. It’s all to do more with wearing what I want and being who I want to be. As well as this I want to reassure myself that I am who and what I want to be. Don’t get me wrong I’m not completely happy with myself but for the time being this is what I’m going to be so why not embrace it.

I’ll be shooting probably once a week. But if anyone does feel like joining in and helping me shoot or even modelling let me know! (It’s ok you don’t have to wear a magazine if you don’t want to)

Twitter: @kulraj_pooni

Instagram: kulrajkpooni


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