The Ultimate Red Lip

Even though I found my ultimate red lipstick maybe a year ago, I thought this would be a great post for anyone who still hasn’t found theirs.

As if the struggle of life isn’t enough, make-up brands don’t make the one thing we need most in our lives easy. Finding the perfect red lip is a mission for us women. The multiple choice of which red lipstick suits you best is one of life’s hardest problems. Crimson to plum, maroon to scarlet, or those shades made specifically for certain tones of skin are seriously the hardest to choose from. But ultimately that’s why beauty bloggers are there. Maybe.

The hardest thing for me when I was looking for the perfect colour for my smackers was that a certain red may look lovely on the likes of olive skinned Eva Longoria, but in an ideal work I am not, nor ever will be as perfect featured as her, nor would I ever have that perfect tan. Although I am tanned (hardly) it’s difficult to find something that’s so perfectly suited to compliment my skin, my hair or make me look a little more feminine. As well as this I couldn’t cope with super glossy lipstick or anything with shimmer and I found the brighter my lips where the more ridiculous I looked. I really couldn’t win this battle.

So when I found my shade, I wanted to thank Gucci Westman. (Bit late now, but thanks).

The perfect shade was found whilst I was swatching maybe hundreds (over exaggeration) of red lipsticks. I went from tester to tester, store to store and couldn’t find anything. It even got so bad I thought I’d look in supermarkets. Not that that’s a bad thing. Some supermarkets have surprisingly amazing cosmetics. But when I realised this was something I could wear around the clock and not look like a clown I bought it. Maybe slightly impulsively but also because I didn’t want to be in my fifties one day and realise all my life answers were to lay in a black and gold lipstick tube with the perfect bullet of red for me. If you’re wondering what shade it is I wear and what brand; Revlon Matte Lipstick – Really Red #900. (The perfect red for this picky sod).

Although this is my make-up bag and potentially life staple (not an over exaggeration) that doesn’t mean it would necessarilly be yours. But give it a shot, It’s only £7.45; although I’ve gone through two in a year, but thinking about it I wear this lipstick everyday and I hardly have to re-apply. So happy shopping and let me know what your favourite red lipstick is too.

REVLON Matte Lipstick - Really Red #900
REVLON Matte Lipstick – Really Red #900
REVLON Matte Lipstick - Really Red #900
REVLON Matte Lipstick – Really Red #900

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