Life is great.. That’s a joke

The title to this is sarcasm, something I specialise in. As well as profanity and sexual innuendos. I also specialise in drinking beer out of a funnel at family parties, but that’s a whole other story. Kind of.

I’m in my comfort zone of my old college of two years. Why I’m here I’m not exactly sure, but the familarity is comforting; like a vintage sweater or red lipstick. Something much needed when I feel confused about life but also because I’m getting a cold and Lemsip is not at hand. As well as randomly appearing in an old college lecture for the hell of it, I’m also running on zero sleep; in order to sort out my sleeping pattern. Although I highly doubt this is going to help as I seem to have become a professional movie marathon-er (if that’s even a word, which again, I highly doubt).

The highlight so far today has been the fact I am channeling my inner Alexa Chung/ sixties sex pot. Joke I’m no sex pot. I get no sex. I’m wearing the skirt I bought over 6 years ago when I was at the height of my Alexa Chung girl crush (which I still have and do not regret one bit). Anyway back to my super cool, ultra sixties outfit. I’m wearing my pale blue, white buttoned Topshop mini skirt (which my dad would say is hardly a skirt, but I don’t care) with my basically see through ribbed Topshop roll neck top, thick black platform H&M heels and my monochrome, also very sixties River Island duster coat. I look cool. If I say so myself (because no one else would).  *I will post a sixties mirror selfie later on Instagram*

That’s my day so far, as well as having a tidy room because a boy will be in it tomorrow and a few phone calls with some familiar voices. My day may get more exciting. Although I hope it doesn’t because I’m f***ing exhausted. Ciao for now, I’ll fill you all in (if anyone wants to know) about the boy in my room situation at a later date.



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