Monochrome, PMS & Insta-sluts

The title says it all. Monochrome has been a trend for years but now it also means you can live in a box with no colour as well as wearing black and white, watching black and white etc.

My bedroom is the home of monochrome; it’s good and bad. Saying that it’s like Ikea and Tumblr’s love child. Thrown into the mix is the fairy light off the christmas tree; although it is because my bulb has gone and I need some form of light so I can see where I’m actually going. There’s also fake flowers everywhere because I am incapable of looking after living things, as well as magazines/ fashion books and a slightly worrying amount of washing. Theres other crap too but it’s cleverly tucked away. (That’s a massive lie, it’s not).

Also happening in the world of Kulraj is, PMS. F***ING PMS! It’s a bitch. As am I that dreaded week before my lady parts try to kill me/ successfully tell me I’m not pregnant. Which means out of the month I’m sane for maybe two weeks which isn’t a lot. But saying that I live with two other women so I probably seem fairly normal.

As well as being a crazy b*tch this week I am also emotional; not in the normal “I feel a bit down” kind of way, more in a “that puppy on instagram is so cute, it’s making me cry, I need tissues” kind of way. *Fact, this did actually happen and I’m not proud*.

This week so far has also seen me become a slightly OCD Instagrammer. I mean I like to be super neat with it anyway. But I swear to god.. I’ve turned crazy. As well as this I’m constantly being tagged in pictures of hot girls with butts half way up their backs and boobs under their chins and hers me, pulling my underwear over my muffin topsΒ trying to keep my dignity. My room has stayed fairly tidy too this week, but like I said, FTSOI (For The Sake of Instagram). *I just made that up.*


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