Parisians do it better

So I’ve researched Parisian chic more than anyone probably has. I started with How to be Parisian and then moved on to Paris street style. They are the best books I think I have ever purchased, more because I felt chic reading them and partly because I did half of the things already. I just felt really cool.

The most un-chic thing I do though is and I’m not saying it’s a bad thing but.. I wear a ridiculous amount of makeup. I know ‘how to’ tutorials are a big thing with Youtubers and other bloggers but it’s not good for your skin and to be frank, it doesn’t always look good. Another issue with this is that anything white is your worst enemy. White walls, white bedsheets, white clothes. Basically all of it. It’s not only me who it annoys I have people in my life that don’t want to hug me because my makeup rubs off on them too.

The first thing I had to come to terms with was the idea of not wearing foundation. I don’t need it. I’m only 19 going on 20 and I’m already scared to go out in public bare faced. Parisians have the most simple makeup and they always look effortless. The best thing I have also ever read is a parisian saying they don’t wear concealer as it helps tell a story, it’s kind of romantic to see that someone is tired or a little worn down.

Fashion icons likeย Caroline De Maigret swear by effortless makeup.But effortless doesn’t have to mean no makeup whatsoever. ย As well as deciding it’s time to ditch the heavy duty foundation routine, I’m also taking the plunge into no more contouring. I won’t lie I do like my Kardashian inspired makeup but it’s not needed everyday. Instead I am trying to use blusher. Yes blusher in winter isn’t really ideal because we all want to look like we’ve been on a holiday all year round, but blusher can look romantic and charming.

So, blusher. Because I’m jumping off the contouring bandwagon I’ve noticed certain places I can apply my blusher to make it look natural rather than looking like a washed out mess. Like I said earlier as it’s winter you always want to look quite tanned; on me I get away with only applying blusher on the apples of my cheeks, if I’m super wrapped up I look like the colds gotten to my cheeks and it looks effortless. My other little trick is to put a little blucher on my nose, not crazy amounts but it really can help make your makeup look a little less drag and a little more chic.



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