Turning Twenty the Wrong Way.

So I’m finally twenty. Yes I am now an adult but I don’t think I’m doing the adult bit yet. The worst part is.. I definitely did not spend my twentieth in a mature way. Instead I spent my actual birthday in bed. Yes. In bed recovering from the worlds worst hangover. It lasted two days and I am not proud.

Turning twenty in bed asleep and dying from a hangover isn’t all. The two day hangover that I mentioned before was RIDICULOUS. Nothing says you’re no longer a teenager than the realisation you’ve woken up two days after your night out with a migraine and feeling like you’re definitely going to die from the self inflicted situation you have put yourself in. But yes I did that and therefore missed my birthday. I regret everything. Especially the part where my mum and sister went to my birthday dinner without me because I couldn’t face food, or people or life.

But, as a new ‘adult’ I have actually decided to take a big step with something that will probably help with a lot of things. I’ve decided to stop drinking. Maybe not forever because I am going university in September. But at least till then. Maybe after, but we’ll see if I can last that long. Hopefully I can, I’d be a different me if I was able to not drink and do other things like be a normal human being who doesn’t spend most of her life hungover. For me that’s goals.

As of my 21st. I refuse to end up hungover on the day and I will spend my day roaming the streets on London shopping (although I’ll be a broke student) as well as, well I don’t know, it’s too soon too plan too much. But I shall have fun and not have my insides crying.

Anyway, Happy belated birthday to me (even though I’ve already promised myself I’m pretending I didn’t have one this year).


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