Pro Faux Pas

Socks and sandals, denim on denim and patterns and prints. Three of the biggest faux pas that should go on the ‘pro pas’ list.

We all know fashion faux pas are a scary thought. But what if they had never been seen as a fashion crime? Through the decades more ‘faux pas’ have been added to the fashion world list of don’ts than the list of do’s; whether they have been followed or not there are some acceptation’s, but we’ve all seen Britney and Justin’s heinous denim on denim attempt and let’s just say it’s definitely scarred us for life!

BUT.. like style Queen Iris Apfel once quoted; “There’s no ‘How-To’ road map to style. It’s about self-expression and, above all, attitude”. You sure are right there Iris.


Socks and sandals are one of the most fun style choices to try. I know we all think of crocs with seasonal patterned socks when we think of the forbidden socks and sandals combo but in reality it’s not all that bad. If you can wear socks with loafers you can definitely wear them with sandals. Stylist Pandora Sykes has been doing it the whole time and so have Parisian girls. So why ignore them. Especially the Parisians, nothing shouts chic like their effortlessness. The beauty of socks and sandals is mainly that you can get away with wearing a combo that not only looks effortless but also shouts that you have a little personal style.


Denim on denim another faux pas that is the biggest fashion trend at the moment. From Gigi Hadid to Olivia Palermo, denim OD has been a massive trend over the last year. The easiest look to put together whilst looking like you really know what you’re doing, when getting dressed in the mornings. The best thing with this look is that you can dress it up and dress it down. If you’re looking for a daytime look just throw on some fun flats and sunglasses and for the evening go for some heels and a red lip. Who would’ve known you’ve been wearing the same outfit all day anyway. (Just maybe leave the OOTD Instagram post till you get home).


Patterns and prints are vulgar.. said no one ever. Just because Kim Kardashian only wears nudes, rose tones and khaki shades doesn’t mean we should stay clear of wearing clothes that match our personality. If anything being able to mix and match prints makes you look a little more like you have personal style and a little less like you care too much.

Although pages on social media are all about wearing the same thing as everyone else, that isn’t always the case for some of us. If anything some of the best buys can be from charity shops and vintage markets/shops. Some may find them a little daunting but you’ll find pieces that you can wear time and time again and never

Parisians do it better

So I’ve researched Parisian chic more than anyone probably has. I started with How to be Parisian and then moved on to Paris street style. They are the best books I think I have ever purchased, more because I felt chic reading them and partly because I did half of the things already. I just felt really cool.

The most un-chic thing I do though is and I’m not saying it’s a bad thing but.. I wear a ridiculous amount of makeup. I know ‘how to’ tutorials are a big thing with Youtubers and other bloggers but it’s not good for your skin and to be frank, it doesn’t always look good. Another issue with this is that anything white is your worst enemy. White walls, white bedsheets, white clothes. Basically all of it. It’s not only me who it annoys I have people in my life that don’t want to hug me because my makeup rubs off on them too.

The first thing I had to come to terms with was the idea of not wearing foundation. I don’t need it. I’m only 19 going on 20 and I’m already scared to go out in public bare faced. Parisians have the most simple makeup and they always look effortless. The best thing I have also ever read is a parisian saying they don’t wear concealer as it helps tell a story, it’s kind of romantic to see that someone is tired or a little worn down.

Fashion icons like Caroline De Maigret swear by effortless makeup.But effortless doesn’t have to mean no makeup whatsoever.  As well as deciding it’s time to ditch the heavy duty foundation routine, I’m also taking the plunge into no more contouring. I won’t lie I do like my Kardashian inspired makeup but it’s not needed everyday. Instead I am trying to use blusher. Yes blusher in winter isn’t really ideal because we all want to look like we’ve been on a holiday all year round, but blusher can look romantic and charming.

So, blusher. Because I’m jumping off the contouring bandwagon I’ve noticed certain places I can apply my blusher to make it look natural rather than looking like a washed out mess. Like I said earlier as it’s winter you always want to look quite tanned; on me I get away with only applying blusher on the apples of my cheeks, if I’m super wrapped up I look like the colds gotten to my cheeks and it looks effortless. My other little trick is to put a little blucher on my nose, not crazy amounts but it really can help make your makeup look a little less drag and a little more chic.


How To: Do The 70’s With TOPSHOP

Being a lover of everything seventie; fashion, music and the hot men with moustaches (I’ve had a crazy crush on Tom Selleck for years), it was only normal I wanted to create a set on Polyvore, dedicated to the 70’s.

I didn’t really start the two outfits I created with much in mind, I just went with what I could imagine myself wearing or at least what I wish I had the money to wear. Sticking to the super seventies look, I went for ultra chic patterns, an array of textures and a spectrum of colours. Looking through Polyvore and shops online in general, I’d already had a clothing brand in mind that had a ridiculously accurate yet modern seventies collection since the beginning of the year. Not so surprisingly it was Topshop. So, basically these two looks are based solely on the collections in Topshop.

I’ll definitely be doing more though, with high end brand, pft because I can really afford them, but it’s ok as I’ll also be doing some more seventies inspired looks with more high street .

Looks created on Polyvore via web app by wardrobetwenty. In order for persons to use imagery ask via written consent.
Looks created on Polyvore via web app by wardrobetwenty. In order for persons to use imagery ask via written consent.

How to: Be Bold and Be Playful

Getting ready to go out can be quite daunting. But if you know how to accessories an already playful outfit it’s easy. Firstly, never be afraid of colours, textures, patterns or anything else for that matter. That’s my motto in life. Being adventurous with what you wear if the whole fun of fashion.

Just like this outfit I’ve put together, a fun outfit can be even more exciting by pairing it with out there handbags and shoes. Have fun and be you with fashion.

Looks created on Polyvore via mobile app. Put together by wardrobetwenty In order for persons to use imagery ask via written consent

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The Ultimate Red Lip

Even though I found my ultimate red lipstick maybe a year ago, I thought this would be a great post for anyone who still hasn’t found theirs.

As if the struggle of life isn’t enough, make-up brands don’t make the one thing we need most in our lives easy. Finding the perfect red lip is a mission for us women. The multiple choice of which red lipstick suits you best is one of life’s hardest problems. Crimson to plum, maroon to scarlet, or those shades made specifically for certain tones of skin are seriously the hardest to choose from. But ultimately that’s why beauty bloggers are there. Maybe.

The hardest thing for me when I was looking for the perfect colour for my smackers was that a certain red may look lovely on the likes of olive skinned Eva Longoria, but in an ideal work I am not, nor ever will be as perfect featured as her, nor would I ever have that perfect tan. Although I am tanned (hardly) it’s difficult to find something that’s so perfectly suited to compliment my skin, my hair or make me look a little more feminine. As well as this I couldn’t cope with super glossy lipstick or anything with shimmer and I found the brighter my lips where the more ridiculous I looked. I really couldn’t win this battle.

So when I found my shade, I wanted to thank Gucci Westman. (Bit late now, but thanks).

The perfect shade was found whilst I was swatching maybe hundreds (over exaggeration) of red lipsticks. I went from tester to tester, store to store and couldn’t find anything. It even got so bad I thought I’d look in supermarkets. Not that that’s a bad thing. Some supermarkets have surprisingly amazing cosmetics. But when I realised this was something I could wear around the clock and not look like a clown I bought it. Maybe slightly impulsively but also because I didn’t want to be in my fifties one day and realise all my life answers were to lay in a black and gold lipstick tube with the perfect bullet of red for me. If you’re wondering what shade it is I wear and what brand; Revlon Matte Lipstick – Really Red #900. (The perfect red for this picky sod).

Although this is my make-up bag and potentially life staple (not an over exaggeration) that doesn’t mean it would necessarilly be yours. But give it a shot, It’s only £7.45; although I’ve gone through two in a year, but thinking about it I wear this lipstick everyday and I hardly have to re-apply. So happy shopping and let me know what your favourite red lipstick is too.

REVLON Matte Lipstick - Really Red #900
REVLON Matte Lipstick – Really Red #900
REVLON Matte Lipstick - Really Red #900
REVLON Matte Lipstick – Really Red #900

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