Turning Twenty the Wrong Way.

So I’m finally twenty. Yes I am now an adult but I don’t think I’m doing the adult bit yet. The worst part is.. I definitely did not spend my twentieth in a mature way. Instead I spent my actual birthday in bed. Yes. In bed recovering from the worlds worst hangover. It lasted two days and I am not proud.

Turning twenty in bed asleep and dying from a hangover isn’t all. The two day hangover that I mentioned before was RIDICULOUS. Nothing says you’re no longer a teenager than the realisation you’ve woken up two days after your night out with a migraine and feeling like you’re definitely going to die from the self inflicted situation you have put yourself in. But yes I did that and therefore missed my birthday. I regret everything. Especially the part where my mum and sister went to my birthday dinner without me because I couldn’t face food, or people or life.

But, as a new ‘adult’ I have actually decided to take a big step with something that will probably help with a lot of things. I’ve decided to stop drinking. Maybe not forever because I am going university in September. But at least till then. Maybe after, but we’ll see if I can last that long. Hopefully I can, I’d be a different me if I was able to not drink and do other things like be a normal human being who doesn’t spend most of her life hungover. For me that’s goals.

As of my 21st. I refuse to end up hungover on the day and I will spend my day roaming the streets on London shopping (although I’ll be a broke student) as well as, well I don’t know, it’s too soon too plan too much. But I shall have fun and not have my insides crying.

Anyway, Happy belated birthday to me (even though I’ve already promised myself I’m pretending I didn’t have one this year).

Parisians do it better

So I’ve researched Parisian chic more than anyone probably has. I started with How to be Parisian and then moved on to Paris street style. They are the best books I think I have ever purchased, more because I felt chic reading them and partly because I did half of the things already. I just felt really cool.

The most un-chic thing I do though is and I’m not saying it’s a bad thing but.. I wear a ridiculous amount of makeup. I know ‘how to’ tutorials are a big thing with Youtubers and other bloggers but it’s not good for your skin and to be frank, it doesn’t always look good. Another issue with this is that anything white is your worst enemy. White walls, white bedsheets, white clothes. Basically all of it. It’s not only me who it annoys I have people in my life that don’t want to hug me because my makeup rubs off on them too.

The first thing I had to come to terms with was the idea of not wearing foundation. I don’t need it. I’m only 19 going on 20 and I’m already scared to go out in public bare faced. Parisians have the most simple makeup and they always look effortless. The best thing I have also ever read is a parisian saying they don’t wear concealer as it helps tell a story, it’s kind of romantic to see that someone is tired or a little worn down.

Fashion icons like Caroline De Maigret swear by effortless makeup.But effortless doesn’t have to mean no makeup whatsoever.  As well as deciding it’s time to ditch the heavy duty foundation routine, I’m also taking the plunge into no more contouring. I won’t lie I do like my Kardashian inspired makeup but it’s not needed everyday. Instead I am trying to use blusher. Yes blusher in winter isn’t really ideal because we all want to look like we’ve been on a holiday all year round, but blusher can look romantic and charming.

So, blusher. Because I’m jumping off the contouring bandwagon I’ve noticed certain places I can apply my blusher to make it look natural rather than looking like a washed out mess. Like I said earlier as it’s winter you always want to look quite tanned; on me I get away with only applying blusher on the apples of my cheeks, if I’m super wrapped up I look like the colds gotten to my cheeks and it looks effortless. My other little trick is to put a little blucher on my nose, not crazy amounts but it really can help make your makeup look a little less drag and a little more chic.


Green teas & Interviews

I’m excited to start my day today. I’m poorly but none the less I’m starting my day with green tea and this lovely post. The weird excitement for the day (on my behalf that is) is that I am making the most of the day. Whether the weather is horrible, nice or mediocre I’m going to have some fun. Or at least try; even though I woke up late too.

My day is planned out, even with tedious tasks like going to the bank. But as well as that, I’m building my portfolio for my interview next week *two cheers for me*, booking a day in London and seeing my best friend for an hour or two and potentially some old lecturers. So It’s pretty much a day with all of my favourite things. Obviously, with a full day planned ahead I do plan (trying my hardest) to look great so I feel great. I’m feeling smokey eyes and a salute to the seventies; which is basically all I stand for. Also after looking pretty crappy all weekend I feel it’s needed in order to help slightly with my mood and general functioning throughout the day.

Instagram. Now, I talk about this in every post because why not. But going out and productively doing something interesting also makes my Instagram interesting. Well, as interesting and dynamic as Leicester can look. Let’s not lie to ourselves it’s not exactly London or Milan. But it can be fun; usually more so when you’re drunk, but I can manage. I think. We’ll see from my feed tomorrow how interesting my day has actually been. For now go follow me on Insta @kulrajkpooni so you know if I’ve coped and how well I’ve actually done with my day.


Monochrome, PMS & Insta-sluts

The title says it all. Monochrome has been a trend for years but now it also means you can live in a box with no colour as well as wearing black and white, watching black and white etc.

My bedroom is the home of monochrome; it’s good and bad. Saying that it’s like Ikea and Tumblr’s love child. Thrown into the mix is the fairy light off the christmas tree; although it is because my bulb has gone and I need some form of light so I can see where I’m actually going. There’s also fake flowers everywhere because I am incapable of looking after living things, as well as magazines/ fashion books and a slightly worrying amount of washing. Theres other crap too but it’s cleverly tucked away. (That’s a massive lie, it’s not).

Also happening in the world of Kulraj is, PMS. F***ING PMS! It’s a bitch. As am I that dreaded week before my lady parts try to kill me/ successfully tell me I’m not pregnant. Which means out of the month I’m sane for maybe two weeks which isn’t a lot. But saying that I live with two other women so I probably seem fairly normal.

As well as being a crazy b*tch this week I am also emotional; not in the normal “I feel a bit down” kind of way, more in a “that puppy on instagram is so cute, it’s making me cry, I need tissues” kind of way. *Fact, this did actually happen and I’m not proud*.

This week so far has also seen me become a slightly OCD Instagrammer. I mean I like to be super neat with it anyway. But I swear to god.. I’ve turned crazy. As well as this I’m constantly being tagged in pictures of hot girls with butts half way up their backs and boobs under their chins and hers me, pulling my underwear over my muffin tops trying to keep my dignity. My room has stayed fairly tidy too this week, but like I said, FTSOI (For The Sake of Instagram). *I just made that up.*

Life is great.. That’s a joke

The title to this is sarcasm, something I specialise in. As well as profanity and sexual innuendos. I also specialise in drinking beer out of a funnel at family parties, but that’s a whole other story. Kind of.

I’m in my comfort zone of my old college of two years. Why I’m here I’m not exactly sure, but the familarity is comforting; like a vintage sweater or red lipstick. Something much needed when I feel confused about life but also because I’m getting a cold and Lemsip is not at hand. As well as randomly appearing in an old college lecture for the hell of it, I’m also running on zero sleep; in order to sort out my sleeping pattern. Although I highly doubt this is going to help as I seem to have become a professional movie marathon-er (if that’s even a word, which again, I highly doubt).

The highlight so far today has been the fact I am channeling my inner Alexa Chung/ sixties sex pot. Joke I’m no sex pot. I get no sex. I’m wearing the skirt I bought over 6 years ago when I was at the height of my Alexa Chung girl crush (which I still have and do not regret one bit). Anyway back to my super cool, ultra sixties outfit. I’m wearing my pale blue, white buttoned Topshop mini skirt (which my dad would say is hardly a skirt, but I don’t care) with my basically see through ribbed Topshop roll neck top, thick black platform H&M heels and my monochrome, also very sixties River Island duster coat. I look cool. If I say so myself (because no one else would).  *I will post a sixties mirror selfie later on Instagram*

That’s my day so far, as well as having a tidy room because a boy will be in it tomorrow and a few phone calls with some familiar voices. My day may get more exciting. Although I hope it doesn’t because I’m f***ing exhausted. Ciao for now, I’ll fill you all in (if anyone wants to know) about the boy in my room situation at a later date.


How To: Do The 70’s With TOPSHOP

Being a lover of everything seventie; fashion, music and the hot men with moustaches (I’ve had a crazy crush on Tom Selleck for years), it was only normal I wanted to create a set on Polyvore, dedicated to the 70’s.

I didn’t really start the two outfits I created with much in mind, I just went with what I could imagine myself wearing or at least what I wish I had the money to wear. Sticking to the super seventies look, I went for ultra chic patterns, an array of textures and a spectrum of colours. Looking through Polyvore and shops online in general, I’d already had a clothing brand in mind that had a ridiculously accurate yet modern seventies collection since the beginning of the year. Not so surprisingly it was Topshop. So, basically these two looks are based solely on the collections in Topshop.

I’ll definitely be doing more though, with high end brand, pft because I can really afford them, but it’s ok as I’ll also be doing some more seventies inspired looks with more high street .

Looks created on Polyvore via web app by wardrobetwenty. In order for persons to use imagery ask via written consent.
Looks created on Polyvore via web app by wardrobetwenty. In order for persons to use imagery ask via written consent.

How to: Be Bold and Be Playful

Getting ready to go out can be quite daunting. But if you know how to accessories an already playful outfit it’s easy. Firstly, never be afraid of colours, textures, patterns or anything else for that matter. That’s my motto in life. Being adventurous with what you wear if the whole fun of fashion.

Just like this outfit I’ve put together, a fun outfit can be even more exciting by pairing it with out there handbags and shoes. Have fun and be you with fashion.

Looks created on Polyvore via mobile app. Put together by wardrobetwenty In order for persons to use imagery ask via written consent

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