Growing Back My Brow Virginity

Ladies. Put down those tweezers, wax strips and eyebrow pencils. You won’t need them anymore, there’s a new eyebrow growing miracle in town which means you won’t have to fake fuller brows anymore. The brow saviour is here and it’s in the form of oil.

So, I’m sure like most myself and other women have gone a little tweezer happy in the past and are now regretting their barely there brows. Unless you’re a model like Arizona Muse or Cara Delevigne the idea of growing bake fuller brows is something that would never happen but it can. Scouring the internet to find the ‘miracle’ that will give me back those bushy beasts that used to rest on my face, I came across Castor oil. I won’t lie, when I heard the name I didn’t think it sounded like something that should be going on my face. But it does.

Like so many, I was a little sceptical. So turning to Youtube was my next option and well, I was really amazed. Even then I was still wondering if it was really true; but the women using castor oil seemed to have remarkable things to say about the product as well as having amazing transformations. They weren’t overnight transformations, but let me just say it looked well worth it. Guys. Now, I’m not saying this will work for everyone. because it won’t. The whole idea with castor oil is that it makes the growth of hair a lot quicker. The growth of hair for the average person is about 1cm a month, which is hardly anything. But most people do see a growth of maybe 2cm-3cm. Which is pretty great to think about. Having those long locks isn’t hard anymore.

I’ve only been using this product for 2 weeks and I’ve only used it on my eyebrows so far. But the growth already is something I never thought would happen. My eyebrows have begun growing back to how they were before I went tweezer happy and looked like I was channeling the 90s. As well as my brows just growing, I’ve also noticed hair growing in the areas that went sparse due to over plucking and waxing. So far I would give this product a thumbs up. In the last two weeks, I’ve managed to begin restoring my eyebrow virginity as well as having to use less makeup to hide the fact my brows are uneven. Overall, I’m really happy with castor oil. especially the fact that it’s all natural and works so well with my sensitive skin (which is a bonus).

Finally, if you’re trying to grow back those brows definitely try castor oil it’s worth every penny. I’ll leave a link below to the product I bought if you fancy giving it a go! Follow me on Instagram too as I’ll be posting regular updates on my brows and hair!

Holland and Barrett: Pukka Organic Castor Oil

PMS? OR Just a bitch?

There isn’t really a fine line between the two. Not for me anyway. I’m rarely horrible to anyone, I like to keep peace most of the time because I’m extremely bad with conflict. But being a female sometimes I do say things that may get me into a little trouble. Like most women. For instance, being pissed off at nothing (I mean quite literally nothing) that you take it out on your mum, or sister or just a boy you really like. But sometimes when I’m feeling a little bitchy I will lie and just say it’s PMS. Oops! Cats out the bag!

Premenstrual symptoms are as follows: Feeling bloated, breast pain, mood swings, feeling irritable and a loss in sex drive. They don’t all happen to everyone; but incase there are any gents that think premenstrual syndrome is a myth as most of them do.. it’s not. Those five infuriating things are real, so real it’s off the NHS website.

Carrying on, as well as pms there is something that all us girls are ‘known’ for. Bitchiness. Although this isn’t an all round girl thing (I don’t think anyway) all women are pretty much pushed to their wits to get to this point at least a few times in life. If not maybe 90% of their lives. But that’s not always our faults. Right girls? Looking online, there is a mixture of females who empower others and then some that don’t. But is that bitchiness or just that special time of the month? Who knows.

Now School children. This part I maybe have the most to say about. Growing up in a city where boys and girls aren’t taught manners or how to talk to each other, a daily thing I heard in school was, “you’re such a bitch” or “she’s on her period, ain’t she”. Well, here are some little things I learn in school. If you say to a girl she’s ‘being a bitch’, you’re definitely about to get you ‘head chopped off’ and therefore we are now apparently on our periods or going through pms. On the other hand, If you tell a girl she’s definitely going through pms, again you will get your ‘head chopped off’. Either way there is no win win situation. For anyone.

The point to this post is, if a girl is being a bitch don’t say “she’s on her period”. Vise versa, if a girl is on her period don’t say “you’re being a bitch”, because fact are facts and you will not come out alive. I can promise you that. This is for men and women and it’s a serious problem you can avoid getting yourself into.


Turning Twenty the Wrong Way.

So I’m finally twenty. Yes I am now an adult but I don’t think I’m doing the adult bit yet. The worst part is.. I definitely did not spend my twentieth in a mature way. Instead I spent my actual birthday in bed. Yes. In bed recovering from the worlds worst hangover. It lasted two days and I am not proud.

Turning twenty in bed asleep and dying from a hangover isn’t all. The two day hangover that I mentioned before was RIDICULOUS. Nothing says you’re no longer a teenager than the realisation you’ve woken up two days after your night out with a migraine and feeling like you’re definitely going to die from the self inflicted situation you have put yourself in. But yes I did that and therefore missed my birthday. I regret everything. Especially the part where my mum and sister went to my birthday dinner without me because I couldn’t face food, or people or life.

But, as a new ‘adult’ I have actually decided to take a big step with something that will probably help with a lot of things. I’ve decided to stop drinking. Maybe not forever because I am going university in September. But at least till then. Maybe after, but we’ll see if I can last that long. Hopefully I can, I’d be a different me if I was able to not drink and do other things like be a normal human being who doesn’t spend most of her life hungover. For me that’s goals.

As of my 21st. I refuse to end up hungover on the day and I will spend my day roaming the streets on London shopping (although I’ll be a broke student) as well as, well I don’t know, it’s too soon too plan too much. But I shall have fun and not have my insides crying.

Anyway, Happy belated birthday to me (even though I’ve already promised myself I’m pretending I didn’t have one this year).

Monochrome, PMS & Insta-sluts

The title says it all. Monochrome has been a trend for years but now it also means you can live in a box with no colour as well as wearing black and white, watching black and white etc.

My bedroom is the home of monochrome; it’s good and bad. Saying that it’s like Ikea and Tumblr’s love child. Thrown into the mix is the fairy light off the christmas tree; although it is because my bulb has gone and I need some form of light so I can see where I’m actually going. There’s also fake flowers everywhere because I am incapable of looking after living things, as well as magazines/ fashion books and a slightly worrying amount of washing. Theres other crap too but it’s cleverly tucked away. (That’s a massive lie, it’s not).

Also happening in the world of Kulraj is, PMS. F***ING PMS! It’s a bitch. As am I that dreaded week before my lady parts try to kill me/ successfully tell me I’m not pregnant. Which means out of the month I’m sane for maybe two weeks which isn’t a lot. But saying that I live with two other women so I probably seem fairly normal.

As well as being a crazy b*tch this week I am also emotional; not in the normal “I feel a bit down” kind of way, more in a “that puppy on instagram is so cute, it’s making me cry, I need tissues” kind of way. *Fact, this did actually happen and I’m not proud*.

This week so far has also seen me become a slightly OCD Instagrammer. I mean I like to be super neat with it anyway. But I swear to god.. I’ve turned crazy. As well as this I’m constantly being tagged in pictures of hot girls with butts half way up their backs and boobs under their chins and hers me, pulling my underwear over my muffin tops trying to keep my dignity. My room has stayed fairly tidy too this week, but like I said, FTSOI (For The Sake of Instagram). *I just made that up.*

Life is great.. That’s a joke

The title to this is sarcasm, something I specialise in. As well as profanity and sexual innuendos. I also specialise in drinking beer out of a funnel at family parties, but that’s a whole other story. Kind of.

I’m in my comfort zone of my old college of two years. Why I’m here I’m not exactly sure, but the familarity is comforting; like a vintage sweater or red lipstick. Something much needed when I feel confused about life but also because I’m getting a cold and Lemsip is not at hand. As well as randomly appearing in an old college lecture for the hell of it, I’m also running on zero sleep; in order to sort out my sleeping pattern. Although I highly doubt this is going to help as I seem to have become a professional movie marathon-er (if that’s even a word, which again, I highly doubt).

The highlight so far today has been the fact I am channeling my inner Alexa Chung/ sixties sex pot. Joke I’m no sex pot. I get no sex. I’m wearing the skirt I bought over 6 years ago when I was at the height of my Alexa Chung girl crush (which I still have and do not regret one bit). Anyway back to my super cool, ultra sixties outfit. I’m wearing my pale blue, white buttoned Topshop mini skirt (which my dad would say is hardly a skirt, but I don’t care) with my basically see through ribbed Topshop roll neck top, thick black platform H&M heels and my monochrome, also very sixties River Island duster coat. I look cool. If I say so myself (because no one else would).  *I will post a sixties mirror selfie later on Instagram*

That’s my day so far, as well as having a tidy room because a boy will be in it tomorrow and a few phone calls with some familiar voices. My day may get more exciting. Although I hope it doesn’t because I’m f***ing exhausted. Ciao for now, I’ll fill you all in (if anyone wants to know) about the boy in my room situation at a later date.


I’ve Taken My Vows. Genuinely

So I stayed in bed till really late again today. In comparison to what I was doing a month or so ago. It’s bizarre that life can literally alter in the blink of an eye and all of a sudden you go from working full time, not really earning a considerable amount, being moderately happy but knowing something is missing. To the complete opposite and having the thing that was missing previously to be your only safe ground. Like a haven…

Currently I’m sat on my mattress on the floor in my bedroom at my mums, trying to figure out what exactly has happened to me and my life in such a short space of time. Really? I’m not entirely sure. It’s been a bit of a whirlwind. I mean I’m constantly thinking about all of the little (incredibly fucked up) parts of my life and trying to at least get a slight understanding, but when you’re 19 and your whole life takes a slight turn for the worst, it’s pretty difficult.

So here it is. My aim in the next year is to go to uni September ’16, so that’s my main focus; but with an amazing portfolio proving that I would be an amazing photographer with all the little bits that come with it. Move to London because I’m in love with it and in comparison to the population of the capital it makes me feel weirdly calm and at home. As well as that, you know; it’s one of the most cultural cities I’ve been to (other than Milan), the art scene is incredible, artists work for passion rather than just for money and also it’s where I lost my Five Guys virginity, so naturally as a girl, I am emotionally drawn to my first love (not surprising it’s food, hey).

Seriously though, my slight sanity (that’s left anyway) is due to the fact I have my photography. If I didn’t have that, I’d probably be crying myself to sleep every night with a bottle of Jim Beam tucked up in bed with me. Yeah, it sounds ridiculous but when you’re 19, your friends are a text here and there because they have lives (unlike yourself), you don’t have money or a job and you’ve picked up some bad habits that literally came from nowhere (actually I’ll thank my dad for those) shit gets really fucking confusing.

So from this point (Tuesday 22nd September 2015) I vow to be myself and never end up the forty-nine year old ‘soccer mom’, who wishes she’d chased her dreams a little more, still wore red lips and nails and lived in sequins, fur and a fuck load of rings (me now). I also vow to make sure that the people in my life are always in my life no matter what happens (basically don’t lose lines of communication with the people I love). Lastly, I vow to never let anyone stop me from being a photographer or from being who I am. Period. *How do you end vows by the way? Is it ‘Amen’? or do I just celebrate with a shot of something?*

What A Girl Wants.. Or Just Me?

So I had a friend and yes I have friends; message me the other day to say that she was really enjoying the stuff I was writing about. When I asked her what else she’d love to read about, her reply was “Dating!!”. REALLY? Are you sure you want me to write about dating?

But here I am, writing about dating (I know more about maths than I do dating – even that took me 4 attempts and I still failed).

So the same friend that messaged me, was also a friend who was giving me dating advice a few weeks ago. Whilst telling me the things girls usually do when dating a guy, she also said that it wasn’t legit if; He doesn’t take you for dinner in a suit and tie and pays for it and if he doesn’t buys you jewellery or something expensive. Then I spoke. My reply to what seemed crazy and like nonsense (still does a little, sorry *friend*) was.. “One of the best days out I’ve had was going to museums and then going for a burger in Five Guys” (lost my Five Guys virginity too). Yah! Sounds like fun, don’t it? Well apparently that isn’t what girls do. I was not aware of this.

What I took from that chat was that I don’t care. I like going to museums and eating burgers and all of the other things I’ve been doing. That’s quality time. Well kind of, maybe not when the burgers falling out the bun and almost own your top (unless they’re into that, then do that). But seriously, don’t expect expensive things all the time. The best things I could think of are my favourite kinds of things. It’s more to do with “spending quality time, with quality people”. Don’t get me wrong, if the poor sod buys you something, take it and be appreciative. Just don’t expect it.

I already know the girl who messaged me about dating and gave me the idea for this post is probably going to text me later. She’s also probably going to tell me I’m mad and need help. But, oh well!

*Side note* So ‘boy’ if you have read this (which is kind of awkward).. all I want is more burgers and museums.. (and other secret things, shhh!).

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